The Top 3 Property Management Applications

Real-estate market has been growing for the past five years and it has never been this big. This led, naturally, to incorporating new technologies and concepts that would eventually make the whole process of property managing easier. We will present the top three software for managing your properties. If you don’t want to do this by yourself, leave the work to this website as they are the professionals in this niche. Succeeding in this job requires you to operate and control all the properties carefully so why not use the potential of technology and make your life easier?

Appfolio – a real-time property management app

Appfolio gives its users a set of various tools and clouds for residential, commercial managing. The software is aimed to both beginners and professionals in property management, as it offers great insight into financial data. Business-metrics, a communication with renters and owners, and a stand-alone portal will be your part of every day’s tools that you will use for a successful managing. There is also a support for accepting rental applications online, advertising the vacancy, and performing mobile inspections.

Also, the submission of maintenance requests is available which is great for those that operate a big number of properties and don’t have time to pay a visit personally. There are pricing plans and you choose them accordingly to your needs, where you need to pay a price per unit you are managing through the software.

Buildium – an appropriate solution for those that manage many properties

This software is suited for those that need management, accounting and leasing tools in one place, and that operate on a large scale. When you own more than 500 properties, it is not easy to inspect all of these, collect the rent money and perform the maintenance. Buildum offers you to manage and accept finances and funds from tenants, review the tenant’s requests (even before you make a contract). You can also communicate with the stakeholders in case they are more people that own a single property. The only downside is that the pricing plans start at $150, although you can use the trial version for some time.

Rent Manager – a mobile-friendly app with database

The feature that distinguishes this app from the rest of the apps is that it offers a huge database that is designed to store all of your information in one place, using only different tabs. The simple design enables you to track down all the expenses, requests, notes and payments using the interactive UI, which is also available on the mobile device. You can easily upload photos, update the tabs in the database from your mobile phone, as long as you have Internet access. The best part is that is also specially designed for tenants, in case they need to sign (digitally) leases or pay rent via e-payment services. The free trial is available for a month, but you will need to contact the company to get a more detailed price plan.