Effective home improvements to your vacation rental

Owners of the vacation rentals are constantly striving to achieve more booking, positive ratings and reviews and consequentially higher total income. Aside from a great advertising strategy and providing luxurious accommodation, vacation rental owners should consider investing in small home improvements and innovations. This is a dilemma to most owners because they are not sure if investing in home improvement will truly boost their bookings and profit, or it will turn out to be a waste of time and money. Our company provides a home improvement to vacation rental over the last three decades, and our clear conclusion is that small, but effective investments are truly lucrative and a long run. We’ve analyzed this topic thoroughly; you can check it up on our webpage st-george-vacation-rentals.com. Here is just a brief review of the main aspects worth renovating at a vacation rental.

Improve the kitchen

kitchenHaving an opportunity to cook for themselves and to dine in an intimate atmosphere is among the major advantages vacation rentals have over hotels. Tourists appreciate this convenience a lot and properly equipped kitchen could be their leading reason to opt for your vacation rental, but only if you provide a truly attractive kitchen. This means your kitchen needs to be spacious enough, with plenty room for cooking and dining space. Properly functional new appliances are a must-have. The more practical kitchen is, the more effective to tourists it will be. Also, there are several smaller investments you should apply to make your kitchen look more attractive. Make sure the walls are freshly painted and neat. Change the worn-out linoleum into wooden, tile or any other durable and fancy looking flooring. Also, take all the advantages of the attractive lighting you can get.

Shinning bathroom for great reviews

Whether your vacation rental is settled at the beach, deep in the mountain forest or anywhere across the countryside, tourists will highly appreciate properly functional and shinning bathroom.The fact is that most guests will be satisfied with provided spacious bath tube, hot water, and functional plumbing, but there are some small investments you can use to make an impression. Make sure that every asset in the bathroom is working properly that is a priority. Invest in required technical solutions that will ensure hot and cold water, functional plumbing and installation, as well as pipes without clogging. Adjust attractive lighting and invest in durable, practical flooring. Adding some details, such as large towels, smelling soaps, candles, and mirrors will add a note ofluxurious to the bathroom.

Make bedrooms cozy

If you want your guests to express their positive impressions via great reviews of your rental, make sure to provide them with cozy and comfortable bedrooms. There’s a myriad of practical ideas, but the features you have to provide include comfortable mattresses, clean linen sheets, and several pillows. Also, adjust the proper lighting and noise isolation in these rooms. Spacious wardrobe, attractive curtains, carpets and many other assets can only boost the quality of your vacation rental.